The Brand

Christopher Bates fully embraces the Made in Italy philosophy. He offers genuine excellence to his customers through his contemporary collections comprised of both menswear and footwear for a total look that is modern, yet timeless. His brand appeals to discerning men who appreciate premium products that are stylish, artisanal, and crafted from a sophisticated selection of materials.

The Christopher Bates Man has a dynamic personality. He loves to experiment without excess, and desires a clean design that is enriched with thoughtful details.

You can be as young at 50 as you are at 25, and those who choose Christopher Bates do not impose limitations on themselves. Bates demolishes these barriers, these age-related stereotypes; he is life, the real one, the one made up of business meetings and evenings with friends, of love and passion, of present and future.

Significant attention is given to the choice of materials and colour palette. The artisanal laboratories that produce the brand are rigorously screened. Bates’ cosmopolitan spirit emerges in a dominant way throughout his collections and he never compromises on quality or style. That is the reason behind the Made in Italy choice. That is why all that emerges from his touch is perfect for the weekend, for the evening, for the urban-look.